Win up to $10,000 in rewards.

MixPay Bounty Program

The MixPay Bounty Program is designed to recognize and reward security researchers, ethical hackers, and tech enthusiasts who contribute to the safety of our technology and platform. We invite you to report any vulnerabilities, flaws, or security issues you find in our system. By sharing your discoveries, you play a crucial role in making our technology safer for everyone.

MixPay's Commitment

Ensuring the Security of Cryptocurrency Payments

As a leading cryptocurrency payment protocol project, MixPay is dedicated to providing safe and reliable payment solutions. We understand the importance of security and wish to involve more people in ensuring the highest level of security for our system. For this reason, we have prepared a budget for a bounty program to help us identify and resolve system vulnerabilities.

How to Report

Please submit all bug reports by email to [email protected] to improve the review efficiency.

Follow the reporting format below:

Email Subject: "[Bug Bounty]"

  • Description: Summarize the submitted bug [one sentence]
  • Attack Scenario (if any): Describe the attack scenario or unexpected / erroneous behavior for this bug [1-3 sentences]
  • Impact: Describe the potential impact of this bug in application scenarios [1-2 sentences]
  • Origin: Point out the page, location, and errors where the bug appears
  • Reproduction: If you used any tools or simulators to find the bug, describe in detail how to reproduce it. It's best to use related testing tools from standards and standard libraries like python to demonstrate.
  • Details: Detailed description about the bug. What state does the system need to be in, what type of messages need to be included, and in what order, etc. For mobile frontend issues, please provide the phone model, version number, network, IP, etc. for easier bug replication and troubleshooting by developers.
  • Fix: If you have any suggestions for fixing the bug, feel free to describe them.

Incentives and Rewards

Depending on the severity of the vulnerability and the importance of the project, rewards range from $5 to $10,000. Larger amounts will be allocated for resolving unusual or particularly interesting bugs, encouraging creativity. We recognize the importance of your contribution and are committed to acknowledging your efforts. To ensure fairness, please note that for the same issue, we will only reward the first reporter.

Bugs leading to payment anomalies

Design issues leading to product vulnerabilities

Code vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Other security issues, such as sensitive or leaked credentials.

Ensuring the Future Security of Cryptocurrency Payments Together

At MixPay, we deeply understand the importance of security and consider it a joint effort. We invite the security research community to participate in our bounty program to help us ensure the security and reliability of our platform.