Pricing built for
businesses of all sizes.

Tailor-made solutions, dedicated one-on-one service.

For Payers

  • Totally Free.
  • MixPay is free for both individual users and developer users. Use MixPay to pay invoices, develop apps, and find more possibilities.
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For Payees

  • There are no setup fees or monthly fees for merchants to integrate the MixPay API.
  • Merchants can use MixPay basic services for free forever.
  • Value-added services support all kinds of personalized customization, such as payment interface skin, only support specific currency payments, etc.
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For Integrators

  • If you are an integrator, package the MixPay API and sell it to your customers. There is no fee for the one-year trial period, after one year, don't hesitate to contact our sales for specific prices.
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For Wallets and Exchanges

  • MixPay is WPAS (Web3 Payment as a Service) for wallets and exchanges.
  • Applicable to centralized/decentralized wallets, centralized/decentralized exchanges.
  • We will make deep integrations based on your products to give your users the ultimate payment experience.
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Token List

  • Listing crypto: Don't hesitate to contact us if you want MixPay to support your token.
  • We have various charging schemes, such as listing only, listing and recommendation, etc.
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