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Using Mixin Transaction Memo

Using Mixin Memo for creating a payment.

MixPay also supports using Mixin transaction memos to create orders. Being familiar with Mixin transfer methods is a prerequisite for using this feature.

The memo is an optional parameter that a Mixin transaction carries when making a payment. The recipient can see the content of this memo when receiving payment. Using this, we can put the information needed in the memo to create an order.

Memo Specification

Each parameter is separated by | and encoded in Base64 format.

SOURCE*requiredMust be swap
PAYEE*requiredThe payee ID. Please refer to the Three types of accounts and how to get a payee ID.
SETTLEMENTASSETID*requiredReceipt crypto. Here you can see the settlement cryptos supported by MixPay.

For example:


Then encrypt it to Base64 format:


Then you can use Mixin to transfer crypto to MixPay.


MixPay will return the cryptos to the payer's Mixin account when the transaction fails. We will attach the reason code in the transaction memo. Please see here for details.