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Settlement Assets

setting/settlement_assets API lists all supported assets you can use as the payment's settlement assets.

GET /setting/settlement_assets

List all the supported settlement assets.

Endpoint URL


payeeId | optional | String

Account ID for receiving money, pls see Three types of account and How to get payeeId.

If you want to use a specified crypto asset we not yet publiclly supported, you can contact our customer service and use this parameter to fetch your exclusive customized settlement asset.

quoteAssetId | optional | String

assetId of quote cryptocurrency.

quoteAmount | optional | Numeric

Corresponding to the amount of quoteAssetId, for example, the current commodity value is 10 USDT

Notes: quoteAmount has to work together with quoteAssetId.

In MixPay, different crypto asset supports different trading range, for example ETH support 0.01~50000 range, and less popular crypto due to less liquidity we will support less trading amount.

MixPay uses quoteAmount and quoteAssetId to calculate the settlement-supported assets. It will respond with isAvailable field, if isAvailable is false, means you cannot use this asset as a settlement asset. If you use an unsupported settlement asset, we will choose the settlement asset for you, most of the time will be the quote asset.


It's recommended to use this method to get the supported settlement assets list.

Example request - Get Settlement Assets

curl -i -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
// title: Response

This interface will only return a list of assets which can be used for settlement.