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Decode MixPay payment's memo.

If you use Mixin API GET /snapshots, you can get the following response. MixPay settings send the parameter Memo.

// title: Response
"data": [
"type": "transfer",
"snapshot_id": "922a6f2c-206e-4a05-863d-a542c4e32227",
"opponent_id": "a37c0fcf-1fd6-4375-a7f8-7ec6e2544c7b",
"asset_id": "25dabac5-056a-48ff-b9f9-f67395dc407c",
"amount": "1",
"opening_balance": "32.65891055",
"closing_balance": "33.65891055",
"trace_id": "6aaf1873-d834-4d39-954f-c79eaa07f768",
"memo": "UE18ZDI0OWQwNDYtZjYzOC00NDFjLThlNDMtOThjZGI1N2EzMmM2fFRoaXMgaXMgbXkgY3VzdG9tIG1lbW9+IDEwMCBjaGFyIG9ubHk=",
"created_at": "2022-03-22T09:53:13.50183Z",
"counter_user_id": "a37c0fcf-1fd6-4375-a7f8-7ec6e2544c7b"

Parse the parameters in the response memo via base64_decode; you can get the original information.

// title: Response

Refund format, the last segment is refund error code, all possible code are here:


Memo Specification

Each parameter is separated by | and encoded in base64 format.

And the parameters include SOURCE|TRACE|EXPAND. Below is the detailed parameter information.

PaymentPM (Payment)TraceId
WithdrawWD (Withdraw)TraceId of the paid EPC transaction
Free EPC on first transferSE(SendEPC)
Pay with Mixin Messenger refundRF (Refund)TraceId
On-chain payment refundCF(Chain Refund)