Using Paylink

You can use our MixPay payment page to create a MixPay payment. Paylink is the most convenient way of integrating MixPay.

Start with an example.

Here is an example, click the following button and check it out yourself:


For better reference, the "Pay with crypto" button's link is:

When customers are on the checkout page, provide a "Pay with Crypto" button (with the above URL):

  1. When customers click the button, jump to our MixPay payment page;
  2. On our MixPay payment page, customers pay the crypto coin;
  3. We will redirect you to your site after the customer finishes the payment.

Parameters explain

Below is how to construct the URL parameters, according to the example URL above:

  1. payeeId is the receiver ID in UUID format. Here is how you can see the UUID get-mixin-uuid API ;
  2. settlementAssetId is the specific coin will the payee wan to accept. You can see the supported asset id in Settlement Assets in UUID format.
  3. quoteAssetId is the cryptocurrency in UUID format, and you can see the supported asset id in Quote Assets .
  4. quoteAmount is the total payment amount according to the quoteAssetId.
  5. orderId - Unique in your system. String lengths **between 6 and 36 must be letters, numbers, dashes, underscores, and NO space. orderId and payeeId make a payment unique.
  6. returnTo when the payment is finished, the customer will be redirected to this URL. Generally will be the order detail page.

Getting the result

At this point, customers are paying crypto using our Paylink; how can you get the paying results?

On your server side, you can loop through the payments-results API using orderId + payeeId.

It's recommended to implement the Payment Callback flow for better performance.