Getting Started

This guide will show you the MixPay ecosystem. Get you to warn up for integrating MixPay crypto payment gateway into your existing system.

Mixin & MixPay

First of all, let's get familiar with Mixin & MixPay.

1. What is Mixin?

In general, Mixin consists of two-part:

  • Mixin Network
  • Mixin Messenger App

2. What is Mixin Network?

A lightning-fast and decentralised network for transferring digital assets.

You can see it as a blockchain that handles all the payment transactions.

3. What is Mixin App?

Most of the time, we refer Mixin App as the Mixin Messenger App.

Apart from its real-time messaging feature App, Mixin is also an open-source cryptocurrency wallet.

4. Mixin & MixPay?

MixPay uses the Mixin App Messenger Bot to construct the UI. You can think of it as an application inside Mixin App.

On the server-side, MixPay leverage the Mixin Network to transfer crypto-assets.

5. How to install Mixin App?

You can download the Mixin Messenger App at Mixin's official website , which currently supports desktop applications, but only the mobile App has the wallet feature. To proceed with our integration with MixPay, please install the mobile App.

After installed, use your phone number to register an account and set up the wallet's PIN, and you are all set.

6. How to install MixPay App?

Once you have a Mixin account. Open the Mixin App:

  • Step 1. Search for 7000104220, like the image shown below;
  • Step 2. Click "Add bot";
  • Step 3. Click the little robot icon to open MixPay.