MixPay POS terminal

To pay in conventional stores and other points of sale, you need to install a POS terminalThis will allow you to accept payment This will allow you to accept payment from any mobile payment application of the buyer, including cryptocurrency wallets, using a QR code.

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Easy setup

You can send and receive blockchain payments to MixPay invoices in minutes from hundreds of supported countries.

Zero price volatility

MixPay shields you from the price volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Your client pay the order with any crypto at a fixed exchange rate.

Quick wallet settlement

The corresponding amount of crypto will be automatically transferred to your Mixin Wallet after the successful receipt of payment.

How it works

Set QR code

Enter the amount you want to receive on the POS system and generate a QR code.


Your customers scan and pay with any crypto.


MixPay converts the customer’s payment into your settlement currency.


MixPay initiates a wallet settlement to you the right away.

Integration with MixPay API

 Setting quote currency and settlement currency

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