Accept cryptocurrency tips from your fans

Accept cryptocurrency tips from fans in your blogs, channels, or websites. It's very friendly to content creators, and it only takes a few simple steps to get online.


MixPay has unique features that are not available in other products and are sufficient to cover most payment scenarios.

Easy Setup

MixPay provides payments buttons, a hosted checkout, and embedded invoice for your website. MixPay also works with countless plugins and  integrations.

Totally Free

MixPay currently does not charge any fees to users who integrate with MixPay.


MixPay gives developers endless flexibility by separating quote, payment, and settlement.


MixPay uses Mixin Network as its underlying layer to provide a lightning-fast payment experience.

How it works


MixPay display the invoice as link or button to your customer.


Your customer pays the
MixPay invoice at a locked-in
exchange rate via any wallet.


MixPay converts the
customer's payment into
your preferred fiat currency
or cryptocurrency.


MixPay settle the invoice in real-time if your preferred settlement currency
is cryptocurrency. If the settlement currency is fiat, it may take several business days.

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