Transfer cryptocurrencies easily with MixPay

Quickly transfer money to anyone, anytime and anywhere.


MixPay has unique features that are not available in other products and are sufficient to cover most payment scenarios.


MixPay is based on Mixin Network, which supports a variety of blockchains, so that assets are no longer isolated islands.


MixPay supports multiple cryotocurrencies, you can choose freely, MixPay makes donations at your fingertips.

No Registration Required

Using MixPay's transfer feature, the recipient does not need to register. It just requires you to know the contact information of others.

Claim Freely

After you send the cryptocurrency to the recipient, he just needs to log in to receive the funds immediately.

How it works


Enter the recipient's contact information, select the cryptocurrency and amount, and click transfer.


Your customer pays the
MixPay invoice at a locked-in
exchange rate via any wallet.


MixPay converts the
customer's payment into
your preferred fiat currency
or cryptocurrency.


The recipient logs in to MixPay with this contact, and clicks claim to receive the cryptocurrency immediately.

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