Accept cryptocurrency payments for donations

Build a simple, easy-to-use, decentralized, and trusted donation platform.


MixPay has unique features that are not available in other products and are sufficient to cover most payment scenarios.


MixPay is based on Mixin Network, which supports a variety of blockchains, so that assets are no longer isolated islands.


MixPay supports multiple cryotocurrencies, you can choose freely, MixPay makes donations at your fingertips.

Unified settlement

MixPay provides multi-currency donation and single-currency settlement capabilities.


MixPay supports multi-signature accounts, which is more suitable for teams to manage assets.

How it works


MixPay display the invoice as link or button to your customer.


Your customer pays the
MixPay invoice at a locked-in
exchange rate via any wallet.


MixPay converts the
customer's payment into
your preferred fiat currency
or cryptocurrency.


MixPay settle the invoice in real-time if your preferred settlement currency
is cryptocurrency. If the settlement currency is fiat, it may take several business days.

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