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Get Multisig Group Id

MixPay API for getting Multisig Group Id

POST /multisig

Get Multisig Group Id

Endpoint URL


receiversArray, members of multisig group, each member must be a valid Mixin UUID, minimum 3, maximum 256.
thresholdInteger, threshold values for multisig group, not more significant than the size of receivers.

Example request - Get Multisig Group Id.

curl -i -X POST \
-d "receivers[]"="f4dc0c64-b169-11ec-b909-0242ac120002" \
-d "receivers[]"="081172a6-b16a-11ec-b909-0242ac120002" \
-d "receivers[]"="0c64b4e4-b16a-11ec-b909-0242ac120002" \
-d "threshold"=2

The multisigId show bellow is fake data, please don't use it on any purpose.

// title: Response