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Refresh Payment

In MixPay Checkout Page, in order to ensure the calculated payment amount is correct, an on-chain payment has to refresh every ten minutes.

If you Using Raw API to collect payment, you need to manually refresh the payment, for getting the most updated payment amount.

POST /payments/refresh

Refresh a on-chain payment.


If you are using the MixPay Checkout Page, payment refresh are already handled, and you don't need to use this API. This API is for Using Raw API only.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and options

AuthorizationPublic Access
LimitationNo limitation


traceId*requiredStringUUID, varchar(36), used to prevent double payment. If you are using one time payment API, it's the data.code filed
clientIdoptionalStringUUID of client of the payment.


It will return the same object as on-chain payment API.