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Shopify is an eCommerce platform for all businesses. And with the popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more merchants accept crypto payments on Shopify. Crypto processing services facilitate the solution to follow this trend by offering different payment tools. One of the easiest ways to accept crypto payments on Shopify store is to install a plugin. MixPay provides a special plugin for deploying crypto payments for Shopify merchants. So owners of Shopify can opt for MixPay as a crypto payment method.

But how to accept crypto payments on Shopify with MixPay? What are the benefits of accepting crypto payments on Shopify? Keep reading to find all the information.

How to accept Crypto Payments on Shopify

Accept crypto payments on Shopify

MixPay offers useful plugins to accept crypto payments on Shopify and other e-commerce providers. With the simple MixPay Shopify plugin, you can easily add a cryptocurrency payment option for the cart checkout at your online store! There are four simple steps in the deployment process:

  • Add the MixPay payment method.
  • Add MixPay private application.
  • Get the MixPay Shopify plugin.
  • Add the MixPay Shopify plugin.

Click here to get the specific deployment process. MixPay lets Shopify merchants deploy crypto payment gateway accept crypto quickly and reliably.

Benefits of accepting Crypto Payments on Shopify

Today, cryptocurrency is one of the most crucial parts of the global economy. With the support of MixPay, whether online stores or offline stores, they join the crypto camp. Why? Cryptocurrencies provide the following advantages to Shopify merchants with MixPay:

  • Fast transactions

With the help of cryptocurrency, you can receive payments from any corner of the world in a matter of seconds.

  • Low processing fees

Fees are one of the most confusing aspects for Shopify merchants. By accepting cryptocurrencies with MixPay, there are zero commission fees in Minxin on a global scale.

  • No chargebacks

Merchants can't guarantee full protection against all types of fraud. However, using crypto as a payment option on Shopify may avoid chargeback fraud. Since blockchain transactions are irreversible, chargeback fraud is impossible.

  • Local and international transactions

The MixPay Shopify plugin deployment allows merchants worldwide to accept cryptocurrencies. If eCommerce merchants want to thrive in a growing industry, accepting crypto payments on Shopify makes good business sense.

  • Flexibility

MixPay's underlying ability to separate the three parts of the quote, payment, and settlement is far more practical and friendly. Regardless of what crypto customers choose to pay, you can set up to accept your preferred crypto, and MixPay converts them automatically.

  • Build customer loyalty

Thousands of Shopify merchants use these payment platforms, including small businesses, because it can improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty.

So, merchants can benefit a lot from crypto payments. A crypto payment gateway like MixPay enables crypto payments on Shopify stores and ensure a smooth transaction for both Shopify merchants and customers.

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