We are excited to announce the content reward program.

Today, Mirror has gradually replaced Medium for Cryptocurrency and Web3, and we have observed that there is a lot of Cryptocurrency and Web3 content on Mirror that is excellent and often inspiring to readers. With this in mind, we would like to sponsor creators who write at Mirror.

Mirror is a great Web3 content platform, and while people are still talking about Web3, Mirror is already at the forefront of the application, and maybe that's what Web3 should be.

MixPay's content rewards program is simple, and authors who create at Mirror can get their rewards in just three steps.

Step 1, sign up for Mixin Messenger, add MixPay, and generate a donation link. And the full guide is here.

Step 2, add the following to the front of your article.

English Author.

This article is sponsored by the MixPay Content Reward Program. MixPay is a decentralized crypto payment service platform built on Mixin Network. MixPay, Payment for Web3.

Chinese Author.

本文由 MixPay 内容奖励计划赞助。MixPay 是一个基于 Mixin Network 的去中心化加密货币支付服务平台。MixPay,为 Web3 而生。

Step 3, add a link to donate with an image at the end of the article, available in the following sizes and formats.

Personal blog based on Markdown. The original code looks like this.

<p align="center">
    <a href="https://mixpay.me/MixPayGuide/donate">
        <img style="width:260px" src="https://cdn.mixpay.me/mixpay-donate.webp" />

In Medium, add the donate image, click on the image so it has a green border, and press Command+K on Mac, Control+K on PC.

In Mirror, just add the donate image and input your donate link directly.


The final format is similar to this.

The above steps can be completed in less than ten minutes. Once you have done so, simply register with MixPayGuide and we will settle at certain times of the day.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can register by contacting us as follows.

Name Mixin Messenger Telegram Discord
Hebe 40117997 @ihebechan Hebe#3208
Shilling 40125551 @shillingzheng Shilling#3528

MixPay's content rewards are $10 per article and the settlement cryptocurrency is USDT. Of course, the amount of this reward is adjustable and can show us the UV or PV data of Mirror articles. Besides, you can also write articles about MixPay specifically and will be paid extra for them.

The program starts at 00:00:00 UTC on March 31, 2022 and ends at a time to be determined.

About MixPay

MixPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment service platform built on Mixin Network. MixPay has the ability to separate payment, quote and settlement in the underlying layer, support any cryptocurrency and fiat currency settlement, support any wallet payment, and provide three settlement modes: individual, developer and multi-sign account. MixPay, Payment for Web3.

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