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Content creators or bloggers getting crypto donations is one of the most popular attempts to make money on their blogs or sites. There are many content platforms for cryptocurrency and Web3, like Mirror and Medium, and people talk about opinions there. Authors post blogs with useful content to help readers and also have a chance to get crypto donations.

Every year, the amount of donations increases. With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, crypto donations are growing. The barrier between bloggers and readers is removed, and creators can directly receive crypto donations on their blogs.

Benefits of accepting Crypto Donations on blogs

Crypto Donations

More and more people are starting to use online payments in cryptocurrencies, so accepting cryptocurrency as a donation is certainly very crucial for bloggers. Freelance bloggers can directly monetize a blog in this way. Besides, there are a lot of benefits for bloggers accepting cryptocurrency donations, below are some points for your reference.

  • Bloggers can boost their popularity because of crypto donations, familiarization with the same blockchain technology makes the bloggers and the readerships even more connected.
  • Crypto readers tend to donate their crypto gains to support their favorite blogger, these donations help bloggers create useful and unique content and attract potential donors from your readers.
  • MixPay supports Minxin Messenger payments and on-chain payments, readers need zero gas fees with Mixin Messenger to pay, and bloggers can get crypto donations.
  • MixPay is flexible on the quote, payment, and settlement, regardless of what crypto readers choose to pay, bloggers can receive the crypto they prefer by setting up a customized donation link.
  • MixPay's underlying capabilities can support any cryptocurrency on any blockchain, which provides readers with more options to support their favorite blogger.

About Blog Donation

Blog donation is a way that loyal readerships will be willing to donate big or small money to bloggers or content creators on blogs. Bloggers or content creators provide their readers with high-quality content, they get a lot of traffic from sites like Google, Medium, Mirror, Youtube, or other platforms. As a result, they will have a large readership. Readers get something that benefits their lives or works from the content, so they donate fiats or cryptos to support and encourage bloggers on sites. It drives bloggers to make more high-value content, which builds a relationship that will make them return for more from fans.

With the technology of blockchain and the widespread use of cryptocurrencies, the way to accept crypto donations is easier than you think. You can get crypto donations with MixPay using a donation link on your blog, this little donation link allows readers or fans to make a crypto donation at the end of each post.

How to Get Crypto Donations with MixPay on my blog?

MixPay is a non-custodial payment gateway that allows you to receive crypto donations without any commission fees. How to monetize a blog with a crypto donation using MixPay? MixPay provides customized donation links. For instance, bloggers who get crypto donations with MixPay at Mirror can follow the steps below.

Step 1: sign up for Mixin Messenger, add the MixPay bot (7000104220), and generate a donation link. And the full guide is here.

Step 2: Add the donation link in Mirror at the end of the article or post.

Step 3: Readers donate crypto to you by link.

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