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MixPay, one of the most easy-to-use cryptocurrency payment gateway, has announced a cooperation agreement with Happy Lemon-a world-leading beverage chain.

After Dubai Oriental Gastronome, the first Chinese restaurant to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers, Happy Lemon is now accepting payments in digital currencies in its stores using MixPay in Dubai.

Happy Lemon was founded in 2006, aiming for international expansion. So far, Happy Lemon has branches in over 100 cities in the China region; globally, Happy Lemon also has shops across the USA, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Thailand, and more. Happy Lemon started in International City - Dubai UAE in April 2018. And now, it partners with MixPay to accept crypto payments from clients in Dubai.

"Happy Lemon" has set the young population as the main target customer base, combining the idea of health and fashion trends, to provide high-quality, healthy, and innovative beverages to consumers. Crypto payment, as an innovative payment method, is naturally adopted by Happy Lemon to be one of the pioneer merchants to accept digital currencies in Dubai. Especially, with the technical support from MixPay, instead of dealing with what cryptocurrency the customers pay, they just need to set up the cryptocurrency or fiat they want to receive. It's a real-time settlement, and Happy Lemon won't be affected by price fluctuations."

Happy Lemon

Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may well increase customer base of crypto enthusiasts who are usually keen to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public. In addition, because of Dubai's open policy, stores can accept cryptocurrency payments. More and more offline stores have started to offer the adoption of cryptocurrency payments. The following advantages make it persuasive why so many offline stores choose to accept crypto with MixPay:

  • Merchants can quote with any cryptocurrency or fiat. (quote: The unit of measurement of goods. For example, how many AEDs you pay for a milktea.)
  • Customers can pay the bill with any cryptocurrency.
  • Merchants can settle in any cryptocurrency or fiat.

How to Pay with Crypto for your Favorite Milk Tea at Happy Lemon?

Pay with Crypto

For crypto enthusiasts or clients, you can choose to pay the bill with crypto by MixPay QR code after you enjoy real fresh tea at Happy Lemon. Ready? Let's get started.

Four steps to pay crypto with MixPay QR code:

  1. Scan the MixPay QR code.
  2. Enter the payment amount.
  3. Choose the crypto you want to use.
  4. Complete the payment.

That's it! It's easy to accept crypto with MixPay. Learn more on

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