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Key Points:

  • Accepting cryptocurrency tips is a new way of successful income for content creators who attempt to make money on their blogs or sites, which carries undeniable advantages.
  • With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, the volume of crypto tips is growing exponentially. Learn how to receive tips from Bitcoin and other crypto-assets quickly.
  • MixPay offers a perfect payment for accepting crypto tips with its automated tips acceptance and exchange process.

MixPay today announced its tips feature to help creators earn payments from their followers for the content they post on social media. Previously, users could tip with fiat currency using traditional payment services such as Square's Cash app and PayPal's Venmo. Or, some content creators would post their bitcoin address to receive these cryptocurrency tips. Instead of posting several addresses, having one link to receive any crypto tips would be much less time-consuming. And that is why MixPay tips has merged to benefit content creators and fans. MixPay automated tips acceptance and exchange process provides complete transparency into every crypto-tips and every tipper who gives. Continue reading to find out why MixPay is a perfect payment for accepting crypto tips and how to accept crypto tips easily.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency Tips

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency Tips

2021, Twitter announced to enable tipping with Bitcoin, making it the first major social network to encourage use of the cryptocurrency as a payment method. Not only on Twitter but also Influencers on other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are gradually accepting crypto payment systems such as Bitcoin (BTC). As it's known to all, getting cryptocurrency tips can increase payment speeds, avoid the high fees charged by banks, and increase interaction with followers; there are more obvious benefits for content creators to accept cryptocurrency tips:

  • Content Creators can boost their popularity by accepting cryptocurrency tips. Familiarization with the same blockchain technology makes sharer and reader more connected.
  • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin (LTC), etc. solve these problems allowing seamless and practically costless payment to influencers from any point in the globe. This expands the scope of marketers and brands, as any brand in the world can work with any influencer.
  • Accepting cryptocurrencies tips can allow a direct channel for you to directly receive payments from your followers without the need of a third party.

Unlike the traditional financial system, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments made to Instagram influencers are deposited in their wallets almost instantly. This simplifies the payment process between marketers and influencers by providing a secure and fast, seamless blockchain platform.
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How to Get Crypto Tips with MixPay?

With blockchain technology and the widespread use of cryptocurrencies, the way to accept crypto tips is easier than you think. You can get crypto tips with MixPay using a tips link on your social medias, this link enables fans to tip their favorite creators on the social network using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

MixPay is a non-custodial payment gateway that allows you to receive crypto tips without any commission fees. MixPay is here to provide a payment platform that allows content creators to accept crypto tips.

Step 1: sign up for Mixin Messenger, add the MixPay bot (7000104220), and generate a tips link. Check the complete guide here.

Step 2: Put the link on your social media, and anyone will be able to tip.

Step 3: Readers tip you with any cryptocurrency.

With three steps, copy the link and place it anywhere you like. Get started accepting crypto tips with MixPay from fans in your blogs, channels or websites.

Why tip content creators with cryptocurrency using MixPay?

Due to the massive growth in online censorship and financial de-platforming of controversial content creators, many different services and options have been created to help content creators accept Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.Among the increasing crypto payment gateway providers, MixPay stands out in providing outstanding services for content creators to accept digital currencies:

  • MixPay supports Mixin Messenger payments and on-chain payments, readers need zero gas fees with Mixin Messenger to pay, and content creators can get cryptocurrency tips.
  • MixPay is flexible on the quote, payment, and settlement, regardless of what crypto readers choose to pay, content creators can receive the crypto they prefer by setting up a customized tips link.
  • MixPay's underlying capabilities can support any cryptocurrency on any blockchain, which provides readers with more options to support their favorite content creators.

In general, when it comes to crypto tips, MixPay is featured for:

  • Content creators can quote with any cryptocurrency or fiat.
  • Fans can tip with any cryptocurrency.
  • Content creators can settle in any cryptocurrency or fiat.

MixPay tips is a new feature that makes it easy for users to send crypto tips to their favorite creators on the micro-blogging service. Also, content creators can add tips links to their profiles to begin collecting tips.

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